About shilphaat.com

India is a beautiful assortment of diversity which is reflected in our Clothing, Food, Lifestyle, Language, Music, literature and everything associated with day-to-days life. There’s a Hindi saying illustrating the diversity of Indian culture: Kos kos pe badale pani, char kos pe vani(water properties change at every mile and dialect of people is different after every four miles). The history of art and crafts of India is as old as the human civilization itself which was proved by the discovery of fragments of woven and dyed cotton, needles made of bone, bronze statues and jwelleries, stone sculptures, terra-cotta figurines and beautiful pottery at Mohen-jo-daro and Harappa cities of ancient Indus valley civilization. Shilphaat.com is a small endeavor into preservation of this rich legacy of Indian art and craft, as well as to provide recognition to those the hundreds of artisans who are suffering due to lack of true appreciation and market access.

Why the name shilphaat? – It is carefully chosen name to represent the type of products we want to bring our customers.

Shilp means beautiful/useful creation or craft

Haat :: means a market, especially the one that held on a regular basis in  rural areas selling daily chore utilities.

Hence the name means beautifully crafted utilities sold regularly at one platform

The punch-line “creativity redefined is to show the newer dimensions in presentation and usage of many of the traditional art-forms or craft techniques and which can be very well seen in our range of products too.

Thumbnail- shilphaat.com thumbnail is based on RYB subtractive color model and RGB additive color model. RYB(red-yellow-blue) are the set of primary color pigments, used by artists to produce broad array of colors while in RGB model, lights of red-green-blue colors are mixed and matched to produce different colours. Hence, the four colors in the box represent the basic colors that can produce all other colors in combination.

The base color of thumbnail represents the colour of earth.

Founder: Founder believes in alchemy resulting from skilled human hands. She loves buying authentic, adorably imperfect products from local artisans than high-end supermarkets and malls and wants to bring this exotic experience at the doorsteps of those consumers who have penchant for such products. She believes that each handcrafted product is defined by a uniqueness and unparelleled charm resulting through extreme passion of its craftsman. Along with these products founders will try to bring out the stories associated with the history of these handcrafted products and life of its artisans.          Shilphaat.com is determined to work towards promotion of local creatives which includes not only  very skilled artisans, crafting intricate designs and patterns but also of artists handcrafting daily usage things which may not be perfect in presentation but have been crafted with equal passion