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“Affiliation With “

BY REGISTERING AS A SELLER AND USING THE SERVICES OF THE SITE, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT. All policies and guidelines of the site are incorporated by reference into this participation agreement. reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions contained in this Participation Agreement or any policies or guidelines governing the Site or the Services, at any time and in its sole discretion. Any changes will be effective upon posting of the revisions on the Site. You are responsible for reviewing the notice and any applicable changes. Changes to referenced policies and guidelines may be posted without notice to you. Your continued use of this site and the services following’ posting of any changes will constitute your acceptance of such changes or modifications. If you do not agree to any changes to this participation agreement, you must discontinue using the site and the services immediately and pay any outstanding balance owed to within thirty (30) days of terminating your use.

Section1). Eligibility. You must be legally capable of entering into contracts and assuming contractual obligations to use the Site and the Services. Minors and are not allowed to sales any things on our online Site. During registration, you must provide your real name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and any other required data. You represent and warrant that:

a)     If you are a business, you are duly organized, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the State in which your business is registered and that you are registering for the Services within such State;

b)    You have all requisite right, power and authority to enter into this Participation Agreement and perform your obligations hereunder;  

c)     To ensure the safety of the Transaction, Website and to lessen any payment risk, may require seller to furnish certain documents for verification purpose.


e)     You are currently in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including any applicable license requirements, such as food and farm goods license requirements, and will immediately terminate your use of the Site if at any time you fail to comply with an applicable law or regulation.

Section 2). Sellers’ Listing Fees and Payment Terms. The fees described in this section that are in effect on the date a Product is sold shall govern the transaction. You should check the fees and terms each time you participate. All fees are payable upon demand via a form of payment accepted by By accepting the terms of this Participation Agreement and listing Products for sale on the Site, you authorize to immediately and automatically charge your payment account when a sale is made for the amount you owe as described in the Fees section. In the event that is unable to receive an automated payment from you, your account may be automatically disabled and may demand a security deposit for future listing, an additional fee or higher fees may apply for reinstating your membership.

a)     Seller Identity: offers each seller a unique identity on website as part of the membership package.

b)     Participation Fee: To sell Products on the Site, Sellers must agree to pay a Participation Fee to A Participation Fee applies on all orders received by seller, that were not cancelled, failed, or declined by the end of the month the order was received. Seller may request an exemption for the Participation Fee with regard to an individual order if the order is cancelled in mutual agreement between the seller and the buyer and Seller subsequently requests for to delete the order from the Site database prior to the scheduled order delivery time. has sole discretion in granting such an exemption and in determining if an order requested for deletion by the seller is eligible for deletion from the Site database. The Participation Fee is composed of a Percentage Fee and a Transaction Fee. The Percentage Fee equals a Product Rate multiplied by the order total price of the Product, including shipping, handling, and any additional overhead charges, but not including any applicable taxes. The Transaction Fee equals a Fixed Price per order that is accessed to each Seller with products included in the order. For example, if a given order includes products from two Sellers, Seller 1 and Seller 2, both Seller 1 and Seller 2 will incur a Transaction fee. The latest applicable online transaction fees for use can be found here. 

c)     Seller agrees that the Transaction price paid by a buyer will be remitted to Seller’s  Bank account upon:

  • Product Delivery confirmation by Buyer
  • Buyer not taking any action on the website to confirm non-receipt of item within 5 days of expiry of prescribed Delivery time after confirmation of dispatch of item by seller to buyer.

d)    Cash-On-Delivery Transactions: You have the option of selling Products locally, payable upon receipt of the Products by a Buyer, also referred to on the Site as a Cash-On-Delivery transaction. To sell Products on the Site via cash-on-delivery transactions, depending on the membership option, a flat fee may apply. Applicable membership fees are listed here.

e) may with-hold or continue holding the periodic payment if seller does not provide the required verification documents within prescribed time frame or if documents submitted are invalid, tempered or forged.

f)      Ending the listing: Sellers understand and agree that the Company at its sole discretion may end listing of any product at any point of time without any notice and also in case where any listing does not result in a successful transaction within given time frame as it thinks fit.

g)     Community Features: Communities, groups, or organizations may create a Community that includes members of the associated community, group, or organization who have accounts. Sellers may optionally be included as a member of a Community. To become a member of a Community, the seller must be validated as a member by the representative of that community. In some cases, seller membership to a Community may be denied by the representative. A Seller’s membership in a community, group, or organization does not guarantee that the Seller is or will be included in the associated Community. Further, shall not be held liable for harm resulting from Community member registries differing from those of associated communities, groups, or organizations.

h)     Seller’s Mailing Address. Seller guarantees that any provided address, is valid, accurate, complete, and their own. Seller consents to the Site displaying or depicting any address they provide, including their “Ship to” address. This consent extends to, but is not limited to, textual depictions and graphical depictions on a third party map application, such as Google Maps. Seller further consents to communicating any provided address to third party applications used on the Site.

i)       Monthly Statements: Monthly statements will be emailed. Monthly statements will list fees owed by the Seller to; such fees may include Membership, Training, and Transaction Fees owed to, and will not include any transaction charges imposed by 3rd party payment provider like CC Avenue. Payment must be received by the due date listed on the statement, to avoid the seller account being suspended.

j)        Cancellation of Orders: Seller may cancel orders for any reason upon refunding the full purchase price of the order to the Buyer. retains the right to cancel orders in cases where it deems appropriate to do so due to service disruptions or other circumstances out of’ control; Seller is responsible for any other steps required to cancel orders on any third party applications.

k)      Cancellation Charge:  A Cancellation Charge of 5% is applicable on seller-fulfilled orders if:

  • A seller cancels an order for any reason other than a buyer requested cancellation (Any cancellation of order through only cancels the status on and will be considered as Buyers cancellation henceforth will be exempt from cancellation charge).
  • Order will be deemed cancelled by if Seller has not shipped and ship confirmed the order within 48 hours of Estimated Ship Date.

l)        Disruptions in Service: is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from a disruption in service, including any disruption that results from a disruption in an Internet Service Provider’s service or from the Site being hacked or compromised in any way. is not required to provide any compensation as a result of any disruption, and has sole discretion in reimbursing resulting damages. is not responsible for lost sales that may have occurred during any disruption in service. is not responsible for any disruption in service to any third party applications. may, at its discretion, put forth its best efforts to restore the service upon notification.

Section 3) Rules for Dispatch:

a)     Seller is required to ensure quality packing, labeling and accurate pickup within 2 days(maximum 4) of payment receipt from user.

b)    Seller is required to hold proof of deliveries for 12 monts.

c)     Items should be dispatched only after receiving the Payment Confirmation from company.

d)    Sellers must use reputed postal courier service provider with good track record which provide tracking facility for shipped items along with appropriate “proof of dispatch” & proof of delivery” documentation which should be maintained by seller for the period of 12 months and should be furnished to the company on demand within the timeframe as notified from time to time. Besides, sellers need to provide dispatch details to immediately upon dispatch of products or within 5 days of payment confirmation.

e)     Sellers agree that dispatch details shall be true, correct and shall not be misleading, fraudulent, false, unauthorized or otherwise illegal and shall not contain any misinterpreted facts.

f)      An invoice for the transaction price, addressed to the buyer, shall be send together with the item at the time of dispatch.

g)     Sellers need to paste one copy of invoice, on properly packed item, for the logistics partner to clearly see.

h)    Any failure from sellers’ side, to provide dispatch details, in addition to cancellation of the transaction, may lead to suspension of sellers registration or any other consequential actions as specified in User Agreement.

i)       It is sole responsibility of the seller to ensure that the goods shipped are received by the buyer are in good condition and not damaged for any reason.

Section 4). Applicable Policies and Guidelines. You are required to abide by’ Procedures for Conducting Sales on the Site (the “Procedures”), which are incorporated by reference into, and made part of, this Participation Agreement. The Procedures dictate required transactions processes and set out acceptable conduct and prohibited practices. reserves the right to change these procedures and guidelines at any time, and such changes will be effective immediately upon posting the amended Procedures with or without notice to you. It is your responsibility to regularly refer to, understand, and abide by the Procedures. As a requirement for acceptance by and for ongoing use of the Site, Sellers must maintain all required licenses to sell a given Product and make available such licenses for inspection by Buyers and by, when requested. Further, Sellers must maintain a return policy as applicable, for use of the Site and the Services offered to Buyers. Seller agrees that may place limits to Seller’s use of the site. Such limitations may include a failure to display seller in the Site’s default search results. Further, Seller may be denied listing as a verified listing prior to receiving training; buyers will not see unverified results by default.

a) may terminate service to Seller at any time for non-payment of fees, Seller’s communication of inaccurate or invalid information, or inactivity, without any prior notification, unless this document explicitly directs otherwise. may disable Seller accounts that are registered under free membership on the Site, account upon 90 days of inactivity, even if Seller’s information is accurate and valid, the product information is accurate and valid, and both the Seller and posting both otherwise comply with the requirements of this and any other agreement between Seller and If Seller is a paid member on the Site, will only terminate access for Seller or remove Seller’s postings upon violating the terms of this or any other agreement between Seller and Common People Service may offer a paid membership to Seller if Seller is a member of a Community. Paid members may be offered access to privileged pages, services, or features on the Site, that are typically restricted under any free membership. Such privileged pages, services, or features may include calendar features and opportunities to offer coupons.

b) is not responsible and makes no representations as to the validity of any information provided by Buyers or Sellers. does not necessarily agree with any information posted by Buyers and Sellers.

c)     The Site may, at time, be unavailable to buyers. is not shall not be liable for any harm to Seller occurring in connection with such unavailability, including lost sales. Unavailability may occur, for example, as a result of maintenance, hardware and/or software upgrades, security measures, or other reasons at the discretion of The duration of such unavailability may be any length, but may, in many cases, last a few minutes to two hours. is not required to give any notice of unavailability, but may, at their discretion, give 30 days prior notice of unavailability when they able.

Section 4).’ Role: provides a platform for third-party sellers (“Sellers”) and buyers (“Buyers”) to complete transactions for the sale of goods and services that are not prohibited by the Procedures. will take whole sole responsibility that brand will not get impacted by any reason or the ways. is authorized to immediately cancel the contract and has right to take any legal action to recover the all the loses made by seller If

a)      seller is found to sell or deliver any illegal, prohibited or counterfeit items.

b)    Any kind of fraud committed by delivering used item, defective/ damaged item, or delivering items  different from the listed item in description or looks.

c)     Not delivering to customers in time or in proper condition.

d)    Indulging any kind of damage or defamation to website.

e)      If Buyers claim refund due to non-delivery, late delivery(more than 48 hours of given time limit) or delivery of damaged or different(than listed item in look, color, size pattern, quality) product.

In case of consumable goods, non-durable goods, or soft goods, Sellers agree to take whole sole responsibility that the goods/products/items delivered, should be in good condition and fit for consumption. In case of any damage incurred due of delivery of unfit, spoilt, expired product, any prosecution held by buyers will have to be borne by “third party sellers”